DHAphase 5 for rent a bangla one kanal

450,000 /month


  • 70 ft
  • 70ft Road


Location: DHA Phase 5 is  situated in Lahore, known for its upscale and modern living environment. It’s a prime location in the city, offering residents easy access to various amenities, schools, hospitals, markets, and recreational facilities.

Housing Options: DHA Phase 5 offers a mix of housing options, including bungalows, apartments, and townhouses. A “Bangla” generally refers to a bungalow, which is a standalone single-story or multiple-story house with its own garden or yard.

Amenities: Rental Banglas in DHA Phase 5 are often equipped with modern amenities. These may include spacious bedrooms, well-designed kitchens, modern bathrooms, air conditioning, and often a dedicated parking area. Some may also come with swimming pools or lush gardens.

Security: DHA (Defence Housing Authority) phases in Lahore are known for their security arrangements, which typically include guarded entrances and patrolling security personnel, ensuring a safe living environment.

Pricing: Rental prices for Banglas in DHA Phase 5 can vary widely depending on factors like size, location, and the specific features of the property. Expect higher prices for larger and more luxurious properties.

When looking for a rental property in DHA Phase 5, it’s important to work with a reputable real estate agent or online listing platforms to find the options that suit your budget and requirements. Additionally, visit the properties in person to get a better sense of the condition and features of the Bangla before making a decision.



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  • Published: November 7, 2023
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