DHA phase 7 bangla out calss finshing good investment and living

90.000.000 /Lakhs


  • 150 foot road


  1. Security: DHA areas in Lahore are renowned for their strict security measures, including gated communities, surveillance systems, and security personnel to ensure residents’ safety.
  2. Parks and Recreation: There are often well-maintained parks and recreational areas within DHA Phase 7, providing residents with spaces for leisure, exercise, and community gatherings.
  3. Commercial Areas: There are shopping centers, grocery stores, and various commercial outlets nearby, and big shopping mall
  4. Educational Institutions: DHA Phase 7 is close to reputable schools and educational institutions, offering quality education options for families living in the area.
  5. Connectivity: The phase enjoys good connectivity to other parts of Lahore, with well-developed road networks, making commuting convenient for residents. complete life styile good sale purchase house and plot residence and commercial plot

Overall, Banglas in DHA Phase 7 provide a comfortable living environment within a well-established and secure community, making it an attractive choice for many looking for a cozy and convenient residence.

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  • Published: November 21, 2023
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